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Within the first day 12 hours of being in Sydney, I was introduced to meat pies by an Australian. It was outside of the hotel I stayed in {Blue at Woolloomooloo — Say that 10 times, fast}, my very first night in Australia, at a Harry’s Cafe de Wheels stand, one of many locations found in the Sydney-area.  Upon approach, I was told all about meat pies and how Harry’s was a classic with such fervor fervour.  I noted it.

What is a meat pie?
A meat pie is hand-sized and filled with diced or minced meat and gravy, sometimes also onions, mushrooms, etc {more here}.

There are many varieties to choose from, as well as a number of vegetarian-options. I remember these also being available in America in the frozen food-section of the supermarket, known as “pot pies.”

Where are meat pies sold?
Meat pies are sold all over Australia, but here are a few places around Sydney where you’ll easily find them:

· Harry’s Cafe de Wheels
· Robertson Pie Shop
· Pie Face
· Pie in the Sky
· Convenience stores and “servos” {Aussie for “service station”}
· Pubs
· Outdoor kiosks/stands — Some sell Mrs. Mac’s pies.
· Sports arenas

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Pie and Can — Outside of a store near Austinmer Beach in NSW

Many of the places which sell meat pies might want for you to know that they have been somehow at some time rated best meat pie — There even is an annual “Official Great Aussie Meat Pie Competition” — Somehow it matters, but it doesn’t mean their meat pie tastes any good today. Word of mouth has told me that Harry’s, Robertson, Upper Crust and another called Hamlet’s sell the best…

Many of the Aussies I know call a meat pie with tomato sauce “dog’s eye and dead horse.”  It’s part of their “rhyming slang,” which you can read more about here.

How to eat a meat pie dog’s eye and dead horse:
Either top the meat pie with tomato sauce or smother each bite with tomato sauce.  It’s an on-the-go type of food, so it’s available takeaway and usually easy to eat while sitting on the train or ferry.  You can also order it with mash {Aussie for “mashed potatoes”}, {mushy} peas and/or gravy and eat it with a fork and knife.

Best and worst meat pies I’ve ever eaten:
I had one from Harry’s which was good, called a “tiger.” It is served with mash, mushy peas and gravy. Pie Face, on two separate attempts, was the worst.  I just suggest you try them all so you can judge for yourself.  My next pie will be from Cronulla Pie Shop.

Do Aussies really love meat pies?
Yes. Yes, yes, yes. Be sure to mention it the next time you meet an Australian and most likely their eyes will light up. If they’re abroad, it might even make them homesick.

Here’s some more proof of how much Aussies love meat pies:

Remember — They love “football, meat pies, kangaroos and Holden cars.”

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Dog's eye and dead horse

Tomato sauce seems to be a staple in every Australian household. Whenever I set the table, whether it’s for breakfast [Aussie: “breaky” or “brekky”], lunch or dinner, I always just put it on the table — Regardless of what is being served.

A beginner’s list of foods you will find it served with:

· Bacon and egg roll
· Meat pie {Aussie: “dog’s eye”}
· Steak {Aussie: “steak”}
· Mashed potatoes {Aussie: “mash”}
· Sausage sandwich {Aussie: “banger sanger”}

All in the list of the above I will cover about eventually…

Also known as “dead horse”, tomato sauce comes in “squeezy” bottles, single-serve packets and {like pictured above & below} single-serve squeeze-on packages. The brands: MasterFoods, Heinz, Rosella, Fountain or store-brand.

Note: Some restaurants will charge something around 50¢ for a packet of tomato sauce.

Barbecue sauce
Tomato sauce’s cousin, it’s often used on bacon and egg rolls and sausage sandwiches.  At McDonald’s {Aussies call it “Maccas”}, they’ve put bbq sauce on my breakfast bacon and egg roll without even asking me, so it’s something to take note of.


Squeeze-on Tomato Sauce

Ketchup [or catsup]
Ketchup is just like tomato sauce and it can be found in Australia.  If it says “ketchup” on the label, then it’s a typical American branding of that because ketchup is generally American to an Australian’s perception.  For example, you can also find American mustard packaged for Australian consumers.

Tomato sauce and fries chips? 
Yes, Aussies like to eat their fries {Aussies call them “chips”} with tomato sauce.

Tomah-toe or tomay-toe?
I grew up saying tomay-toe, but now I find myself saying it Aussie-style.

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