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Bacon & Egg Roll

Within my first week in Australia, I was introduced to the bacon and egg roll for breakfast brekkie. Had I ever tried a bacon and egg roll in my life before coming Australia? Yes, possibly, but most likely not the way that it’s done Down Under.

More than just a cure for a hangover, the bacon and egg roll seems to me to be one of Australia’s favorite favourite choices in the a.m.

Aussies like to eat their bacon & egg roll topped with:
· Tomato sauce
· Barbecue sauce
· Cheese
· Fresh tomato slices or roasted tomato
· Or whatever you wish!

It’s simply just a few rashers of bacon and an egg cooked over easy, served in a bread roll. The best bacon and egg roll I’ve eaten here {so far} came from the Salty Rooster in Manly. The bread was just the right size and lightly toasted, and the bacon was perfect-o.

What seems to make a good bacon & egg roll?
It depends on taste.  I judge each by the bread/roll — I’ve had overly toasted bread, rolls that were too hard and/or too big, and I want for the egg to be at least slightly runny. I also judge each by the quality of the bacon — Is the bacon mostly fat, too greasy or comes out of the roll in one bite? I consider this to be not worth the effort of my shrugging off my diet for one morning…

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A bacon & egg roll at the Scarborough Hotel

Curious to try one too?
There are many cafés and takeaway places in Oz where you will find the bacon and egg roll on the menu.  In the vicinity of Sydney alone, I’ve probably eaten already more than a dozen at random places.

Here are some of the places {with my 5-star rating of each} where I’ve tried the bacon & egg roll:

· Ocean View Sandwich Bar, Dee Why ★★★
· Salty Rooster, Manly ★★★★
· Scarborough Hotel, Scarborough ★★★
· Zimzala, Cronulla ★★★★
· And, of course, McDonald’sMaccas” ★★

Each ★ is for quality of the bacon, the roll, the service and the overall taste.

Note: Some takeaway locations will charge you around 50¢ for each tomato sauce packet. Also several locations of McDonald’s has put barbecue sauce on my bacon and egg roll without asking me first. Not a nice surprise at 6 a.m. for the untrained bacon and egg roll eater…

Feel free to share here all about your thoughts on the perfect bacon and egg roll, as well as your favorite favourite bacon and egg roll experience Down Under!


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Dog's eye and dead horse

Tomato sauce seems to be a staple in every Australian household. Whenever I set the table, whether it’s for breakfast [Aussie: “breaky” or “brekky”], lunch or dinner, I always just put it on the table — Regardless of what is being served.

A beginner’s list of foods you will find it served with:

· Bacon and egg roll
· Meat pie {Aussie: “dog’s eye”}
· Steak {Aussie: “steak”}
· Mashed potatoes {Aussie: “mash”}
· Sausage sandwich {Aussie: “banger sanger”}

All in the list of the above I will cover about eventually…

Also known as “dead horse”, tomato sauce comes in “squeezy” bottles, single-serve packets and {like pictured above & below} single-serve squeeze-on packages. The brands: MasterFoods, Heinz, Rosella, Fountain or store-brand.

Note: Some restaurants will charge something around 50¢ for a packet of tomato sauce.

Barbecue sauce
Tomato sauce’s cousin, it’s often used on bacon and egg rolls and sausage sandwiches.  At McDonald’s {Aussies call it “Maccas”}, they’ve put bbq sauce on my breakfast bacon and egg roll without even asking me, so it’s something to take note of.


Squeeze-on Tomato Sauce

Ketchup [or catsup]
Ketchup is just like tomato sauce and it can be found in Australia.  If it says “ketchup” on the label, then it’s a typical American branding of that because ketchup is generally American to an Australian’s perception.  For example, you can also find American mustard packaged for Australian consumers.

Tomato sauce and fries chips? 
Yes, Aussies like to eat their fries {Aussies call them “chips”} with tomato sauce.

Tomah-toe or tomay-toe?
I grew up saying tomay-toe, but now I find myself saying it Aussie-style.

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